7 Ancient Health Wisdoms Explained ] The study was published last month in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, but an alert about these weight-loss products has not been issued to consumers. “This is an outrageous situation, where the FDA’s own in-house scientists are the ones who have discovered this, and shared it with the academic community,” Cohen said. Consumers don’t read scientific journals to find out drug safety information, he said. “The FDA has to take aggressive, public action to alert consumers, and aggressive legal action againt the companies selling these products,” Cohen said. When asked whether the FDA has plans to alert consumers about the findings, Arthur Whitmore, an FDA spokesperson, said: “in response to the study findings the agency is contemplating appropriate follow-up steps, and at this time can not specify what those steps are.” Last month, Cohen and colleagues reported finding a methamphetamine-like compound, which had also not been tested in people, in the workout supplement Craze . Illegal ingredient It’s not clear how long manufacturers have been using Acacia rigidula in supplements (or labeling their supplements as containing the ingredient), Cohen said.
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15 Worst Snacks for Weight Loss

A fruit-and-nut bar, like KIND Dark Chocolate garcinia cambogia Nuts & Sea Salt or a LaraBar is great way to meet your craving for something nutty and slightly sweet, but in a single-serve package that you can’t overdo. Instead of: An ounce of pretzels Reach for: An ounce of salted, shelled pistachios Pretzels pack 450 mg of sodium–that’s nearly 20% of what you need in an entire day. Salted nuts, on the other hand, contain just a quarter the sodium. And if you’re worried about the fat in the nuts, don’t be: While the pistachios do have 50 more calories per serving than the pretzels, they also contain twice the protein and three times the fiber to keep you fuller longer. Plus, people who added nuts to their diet lost more weight compared to those who snacked on pretzels, according to a recent UCLA study.
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